Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask

Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Bourbon at Third Base Market & Spirits

From the frontier land of Wyoming comes a bourbon that ingeniously combines traditional American whiskey-making with Scottish cask finishing finesse—Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Bourbon. This distinguished spirit, offered at Third Base Market & Spirits, presents an astute complexity while paying homage to the rugged terrains from which it originates.

Product Details:

  • Name: Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Bourbon
  • Type: Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Double Cask Finish
  • Age: 5 Years (Aged in new charred oak barrels, finished in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks)
  • Region: Kirby, Wyoming, United States
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 50%

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance:
Upon the initial pour, a captivating amber hue with undertones of ruby hints at the complex aging process it underwent. The color is rich and inviting, clearly reflecting its dual-cask maturation.

Nose (Aroma):
The aroma offers an integrated bouquet of caramel and ripe cherries, supplemented by the fig and date notes introduced by the Pedro Ximénez finishing casks. Subtler aromas of walnut, leather, and a touch of spearmint offer a layer of complexity that enchants the nose.

Palate (Taste):
A robust body defines the initial sip. The mouthfeel is full and silky, no doubt aided by its slightly higher ABV. The palate is greeted with a fusion of vanilla and almond upfront, which gracefully cede to richer, darker flavors of dried fruits and molasses—clear influences from the sherry cask.

The finish is prolonged and harmonious, featuring a warm resonance of baking spices and oak, balanced by an undercurrent of sweetness left by the sherry. A wisp of smoky minerality lingers, encapsulating the spirit of Wyoming's rugged landscape.

The elevated ABV imparts a luxurious thickness to the whiskey, which flows across the palate like molten caramel, setting the stage for a reverberating finale.

Third Base Market & Spirits Perspective:

For aficionados who have a penchant for complexity and provenance, Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Bourbon serves as an exemplary addition to Third Base Market & Spirits' discerning roster. This bourbon impeccably reflects our commitment to curated, high-quality offerings.

Due to its specialized double-cask process and limited production runs, this bourbon is not ubiquitously available. Its distinct profile makes it a prized asset for any serious collector or connoisseur.

Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Bourbon is not merely a spirit, but a narrative, encapsulating the ingenuity of American distilling and Scottish cask artistry. It exemplifies what Third Base Market & Spirits aims to bring to our clientele: An experience that transcends mere consumption and delves into the realm of the experiential. This is a bourbon that beckons for contemplative sipping; each glass is an intimate journey through the meticulous craftsmanship and the lands that inspire it.

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