Signatory 2009 Ardmore 11 Year

Signatory 2009 Ardmore 11 Year Single Malt Scotch

Product Details:

  • Name: Signatory 2009 Ardmore 11 Year
  • Type: Single Malt Scotch
  • Age: 11 Years
  • Region: Highlands, Scotland
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 46%

Expert Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

With the Signatory 2009 Ardmore 11 Year Single Malt Scotch, you're not just purchasing a bottle; you're acquiring a well-curated experience courtesy of one of Scotland's leading independent bottlers—Signatory Vintage. Sourced from the venerable Ardmore distillery, located in the Scottish Highlands, this 11-year-old expression is a tribute to both tradition and modernity.


At first nosing, this whisky presents an intricate weave of smoky peat and highland heather. Subtler notes of briny sea air and wet stones echo the rugged Scottish landscape, while a touch of lemon zest and ripe green apples provide a counterpoint, making for an incredibly nuanced bouquet.


Upon tasting, the liquid reveals its true mastery. The palate is greeted with a smoky, medicinal quality reminiscent of aged leather and iodine, which then seamlessly transitions into flavors of candied fruits and vanilla, a testament to its balanced maturation in American Oak casks. Tertiary notes of cracked black pepper and dried herbs add a sophisticated layer of complexity.


The finish is both long and articulate. Expect a symphony of flavors including earthy peat, lingering spices, and a warming malt sweetness, gradually fading into a subtle, oaky dryness. This is a whisky that continues to engage the palate long after the last sip has been savored.

Suggested Pairings:

We recommend enjoying this exceptional single malt neat, although a few drops of water can unveil deeper layers of its flavor profile. It pairs brilliantly with cured meats, mature cheeses, or a good Cuban cigar for an elevated tasting experience.

The Third Base Market & Spirits Endorsement:

For those who appreciate the artisanal aspect of whisky crafting, the Signatory 2009 Ardmore 11 Year Single Malt is an unmissable masterpiece. It manages to capture the essence of the Highlands—moody, rugged, yet unexpectedly refined—and encapsulates it in a bottle. A must-try for both connoisseurs and newcomers looking to explore the beauty of Highland whiskies.

In summary, the Signatory 2009 Ardmore 11 Year Single Malt Scotch is an awe-inspiring example of what happens when meticulous sourcing meets expert maturation. At Third Base Market & Spirits, we are thrilled to offer this compelling whisky to those who recognize and cherish artisanal quality and depth of flavor.

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