Shibui 15 Year Sherry Cask

Shibui 15 Year Sherry Cask Japanese Whisky – A Voyage of Complex Flavours

Name: Shibui 15 Year Sherry Cask Japanese Whisky
Type: Whisky
Age: 15 Years
Region: Okinawa, Japan
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 43%

Expert Review

Indulge in the mastery of Japanese whisky production with the Shibui 15 Year Sherry Cask Japanese Whisky, a luxurious spirit renowned for its rich history and superior craftsmanship. Expertly curated and presented exclusively at Third Base Market & Spirits, this 15-year-old elixir is a testament to the expertise entrenched in Okinawa's historic whisky legacy. Let us embark on a guided journey through its profile.


On first acquaintance, the whisky greets you with an enchanting, multifaceted nose. As you immerse yourself, discover a rich tapestry of aromas weaving together notes of dried fruits, such as figs and apricots, harmoniously intertwining with the gentle warmth of oak and a rich undercurrent of sherry. This intricate ballet of scents sets a promising prelude to a profound tasting journey.


A sip unveils a world of complexity, an orchestrated ballet of robust yet gracefully integrated flavors, echoing its 15-year maturation journey in sherry casks. The rich canvas carries the luscious sweetness of dark fruits, merging seamlessly with a delicate play of spices, perhaps a hint of cinnamon, enveloped by a soft nutty undertone, showcasing an exceptional mastery over the harmony of flavors.


As you reach the finish, expect a gradual crescendo, a lingering embrace of flavors that speaks of maturity and grace. The finish is splendidly warm, with a subtle spiciness graced by notes of aged oak, leaving a hint of dried fruit and sherry, reverberating with a gentle kiss of vanilla, a testament to its rich history nurtured in sherry casks.

Food Pairing Recommendations

Pairing this whisky with food opens up a realm of delightful experiences. Complement its rich profile with aged cheeses, where the nutty undertones of the whisky find harmony with the creamy textures. Alternatively, savor it with a high-quality dark chocolate, a pairing that allows the rich fruit notes to dance gracefully on your palate, offering an indulgent gastronomic journey.

Unique Features

Originating from the beautiful region of Okinawa, this Shibui selection stands tall with a 15-year maturation period in sherry casks, a process that imparts a rich depth of flavors, encapsulating a remarkable balance of sweetness, spice, and everything nice, speaking of a time-honored tradition upheld with remarkable integrity.


A gem in the world of Japanese whiskies, the Shibui 15 Year Sherry Cask Japanese Whisky represents a luxurious voyage through time, with each sip offering a rich tapestry of complex and harmoniously balanced notes. Available exclusively at Third Base Market & Spirits, this whisky is not just a drink, it's an expedition through the meticulous craftsmanship and rich heritage of Japanese whisky making, promising a rendezvous with a spirit that is both sophisticated and immensely rewarding, awaiting the discerning palate with open arms.

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