Redemption Sur Lee Rye

Redemption Sur Lee Rye is an artful expression of rye whiskey that challenges the conventional standards of the spirit. Harnessing the méthode champenoise, commonly used in sparkling wine production, this rye undergoes secondary fermentation and aging on its lees (sur lie), contributing to an enigmatic and complex profile. Exclusively available at select retailers like Third Base Market & Spirits, this whiskey is an avant-garde masterpiece designed for the discerning palate.

Product Details:

  • Name: Redemption Sur Lee Rye
  • Type: Rye Whiskey
  • Age: Information varies by batch
  • Region: United States (Specific region may vary)
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Information varies by batch

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance:
The whiskey showcases a deep, amber hue with mahogany undertones that testify to its unique aging process. It offers good legging in the glass, signifying its oily richness.

Nose (Aroma):
The nose is incredibly expressive, interlacing traditional rye spiciness with more unconventional aromas of baked bread and yeasty richness. Undertones of caramel, cinnamon, and fresh green apple add further layers to its complex bouquet.

Palate (Taste):
Upon the first sip, the classic rye notes of peppery spice and wood make a bold entrance. These are quickly followed by unconventional flavors of lemongrass, toasted brioche, and dark chocolate, all balanced by a touch of green apple tartness.

Long and warming, the finish presents a harmonious blend of rye spice and nuanced yeast characteristics. It leaves behind a lasting impression of toasted bread, ground spices, and a whisper of citrus zest.

The secondary fermentation and aging sur lie contribute to a creamy, almost effervescent mouthfeel that differentiates this rye from its contemporaries. The whiskey possesses a full-bodied yet refined texture.

Third Base Market & Spirits Perspective:

Redemption Sur Lee Rye is not your run-of-the-mill whiskey. It is a celebration of craftsmanship and innovation, appealing to those who appreciate the subtleties and complexities that come from thinking outside the barrel. This is a limited-release spirit that lends itself well to both neat sipping and craft cocktail creation.

Pairing Suggestions:
Given its multi-faceted profile, this rye pairs exceptionally well with both savory and sweet dishes—think charcuterie boards with both cured meats and fruit preserves, or apple crumble with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream.

Due to its unique production methods and limited release, availability may be restricted. Please consult with Third Base Market & Spirits for the most up-to-date information.

All in all, Redemption Sur Lee Rye is an audacious endeavor in the world of whiskey, breaking norms while paying homage to tradition. Its unusual production process lends it a complexity and mouthfeel not commonly found in rye whiskeys, making it a must-try for any true aficionado.

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