Glenfarclas Cask Strength 105

Glenfarclas Cask Strength 105 Single Malt Scotch at Third Base Market & Spirits

At Third Base Market & Spirits, we are honored to feature the Glenfarclas Cask Strength 105, a distinctive high-proof single malt scotch from the illustrious Glenfarclas Distillery. A family-owned establishment with a lineage that spans six generations, Glenfarclas has been crafting exceptional spirits in the Speyside region of Scotland since 1836. This particular cask strength expression delivers a memorable sensory experience, a tour-de-force of taste and texture that unequivocally sets it apart.

Product Details:

  • Name: Glenfarclas Cask Strength 105 Single Malt Scotch
  • Type: Single Malt Scotch
  • Age: Non-age Statement
  • Region: Speyside, Scotland
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 60%

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance:

Upon pouring, this whisky displays a luscious deep gold hue, indicating its intrinsic richness. The spirit is marked by viscous legs that glide slowly down the glass walls, indicative of its robust cask-strength nature.

Nose (Aroma):

The nose is extraordinarily complex, yet well-balanced. There's an initial burst of dark fruits, with plum and fig leading the charge, followed closely by honeycomb and vanilla. As it breathes, undertones of oak and spice—specifically cinnamon and nutmeg—intertwine elegantly with the fruitiness, creating an aromatic bouquet that is nuanced and compelling.


The Glenfarclas 105 bursts forth on the palate with an explosion of flavors, as befits a cask-strength spirit. Sherry sweetness is prominent, followed by layers of raisin, toffee, and dark chocolate. The high alcohol content makes its presence known but does so without overwhelming the intricate tapestry of flavors. A hint of orange peel and cherry provide a citrusy twist, accompanied by a subtle, yet discernible layer of peat smoke.


The finish is long, resonant, and warm, a veritable symphony of taste sensations. Expect lingering notes of dark fruit, spicy oak, and a final whisper of peat smoke to round out the experience.

Available exclusively at Third Base Market & Spirits, the Glenfarclas Cask Strength 105 is a true collector's item and a testament to the prowess of Scottish craftsmanship. This is a dram designed for the discerning whisky enthusiast who values depth, complexity, and unfiltered power. Dilution with water or a splash of ice opens up further dimensions, making it a multifaceted whisky to explore and enjoy. It serves as a glowing representation of what the Speyside region, and indeed Glenfarclas, can offer to the world of whisky.

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony B
Xmas in a bottle

WONDERFUL!! Theres no other word for this whisky.Packed full of rich ,beautiful flavors.

BRIAN Martina
Top line

Glenfarclas 105 is wonderful!

Good, bold nice finish

Good, bold nice finish. Excellent drink