Buena Vista Chardonnay 2019

Product Details:

  • Name: Buena Vista Chardonnay 2019
  • Type: White Wine
  • Vintage: 2019
  • Region: Carneros, Sonoma County, California, USA
  • Alcohol by Volume: Typically around 13.5% ABV

Overview: Buena Vista Chardonnay 2019, available exclusively through Third Base Market & Spirits, is a captivating representation of California's Chardonnay winemaking prowess. This technical description provides a detailed look at the key characteristics and meticulous winemaking processes that make Buena Vista Chardonnay a beloved choice among wine enthusiasts.

Grapes and Winemaking: Buena Vista Chardonnay 2019 is crafted from select Chardonnay grapes harvested from the Carneros region of Sonoma County. The winemaking process involves:

  1. Harvest: Grapes are harvested at optimal ripeness, ensuring a balance of flavors and acidity crucial for Chardonnay wines.

  2. Crushing and Pressing: The grapes are gently crushed and pressed to extract the juice while minimizing contact with the grape skins, preserving the wine's delicacy.

  3. Fermentation: The juice undergoes fermentation in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels, depending on the desired style. A portion of the wine is fermented and aged in oak barrels to impart complexity and texture.

Tasting Notes: Buena Vista Chardonnay 2019 offers a harmonious and elegant tasting experience. Tasting notes may include:

  • Appearance: The wine has a bright and pale gold color, hinting at its freshness and youth.

  • Aroma: Aromas of green apple, pear, and citrus blossom greet the nose, accompanied by subtle vanilla and toasted oak notes from barrel aging.

  • Palate: On the palate, expect a well-balanced interplay of flavors. Crisp apple and pear flavors are complemented by hints of tropical fruit and a touch of honey. The wine offers a creamy texture with a subtle creaminess and a gentle oak influence, adding complexity and depth.

  • Finish: The finish is clean and refreshing, with lingering notes of citrus and a touch of minerality that enhances the wine's overall elegance.

Aging: Buena Vista Chardonnay 2019 is aged to perfection, allowing it to develop its characteristic flavors and structure. The exact aging period and the use of oak barrels may vary by the winemaker's style, but it typically rests for a period that enhances its complexity and balance.

Food Pairing: This Chardonnay pairs wonderfully with a range of dishes, including seafood, poultry, creamy pasta, and dishes with buttery sauces. Its crisp acidity and layered flavors make it a versatile choice for food pairing.

Packaging: Buena Vista Chardonnay 2019 is elegantly presented in a wine bottle that reflects the brand's commitment to quality and showcases the wine's golden hue.

Conclusion: Buena Vista Chardonnay 2019, available exclusively through Third Base Market & Spirits, is a testament to the excellence of Chardonnay winemaking in the Carneros region of Sonoma County, California. Crafted with precision, using the finest grapes, and aged to perfection, this Chardonnay offers a well-balanced and refreshing flavor profile appreciated by wine connoisseurs. Buena Vista Chardonnay 2019 is celebrated for its harmonious blend of fruit and oak, making it a versatile choice for various occasions and culinary pairings. It is a definitive selection for those seeking a refined and delightful Chardonnay experience.

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