Big Gin London Dry

Big Gin London Dry Gin

Product Details:

  • Name: Big Gin London Dry Gin
  • Type: London Dry Gin
  • Age: Not Aged
  • Region: Pacific Northwest, USA
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Variable

Expert Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

The term "London Dry" evokes images of classical gin at its zenith, and Big Gin London Dry Gin unapologetically fulfills these expectations while carving out its own unique space in the genre. Crafted in the Pacific Northwest, this gin brings together time-honored techniques with American ingenuity, resulting in a finely-balanced spirit that's both traditional and strikingly contemporary.


Upon first approach, the nose is an inviting mix of bold juniper and a medley of botanicals including coriander, angelica root, and citrus peels. The aromatic profile is exceptionally clean, giving way to hints of orris root and a subtle, herbaceous undertone.


In taste, Big Gin London Dry Gin offers a harmonious blend of flavors that are quintessentially gin. The forward notes of juniper make their presence known without being overpowering, allowing the other botanicals to shine. Mid-palate, you'll experience a perfect confluence of earthy coriander, bright citrus, and complex herbal nuances.


The finish is dry and crisp, as is to be expected from a quality London Dry Gin. A final note of aromatic spices including a hint of black pepper and cardamom adds an extra layer of complexity, lingering on the palate in a refined, understated manner.

Suggested Pairings:

This gin is a superb foundation for classic cocktails like the Martini or the Negroni, allowing the spirit to showcase its multifaceted profile. It’s also an excellent choice for a premium Gin and Tonic, where its layered botanicals can interact brilliantly with the quinine and citrus of the tonic water.

The Third Base Market & Spirits Endorsement:

Third Base Market & Spirits is delighted to feature Big Gin London Dry Gin, a spirit that simultaneously respects tradition and embraces innovation. Designed for aficionados who appreciate meticulous craftsmanship and balance, this gin stands as a testament to the subtleties of quality distillation.

For those seeking a gin that can adapt to any occasion while maintaining a distinct identity, look no further than Big Gin London Dry Gin. Contact Third Base Market & Spirits for availability and pricing.

Step into a world where the classic and the contemporary intersect, with Big Gin London Dry Gin serving as your sophisticated guide.

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