Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky

Product Details:

  • Name: Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky
  • Type: Blended Scotch Whisky
  • Age: 12 Years
  • Region: Scotland (Blended from multiple regions including Islay, Speyside, and the Highlands)
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance: Johnnie Walker Black Label presents a rich, golden-amber color, signaling maturity and depth. The whisky has moderate legs that run down the glass, hinting at its intricate, well-structured profile.

Nose (Aroma): On the nose, the whisky exudes an inviting complexity. The initial aromatic wave is an ensemble of smoky undertones, balanced beautifully by sweet elements like caramel and vanilla. As it opens up, fruitier notes emerge—think ripe apple and sultanas—complemented by a touch of oriental spice and light oakiness.

Palate (Taste): Upon tasting, the 12 years of aging are evident in its luxurious mouthfeel and well-rounded flavor profile. The whisky offers a balanced palate that melds creamy vanilla, rich fruit, and a gentle smokiness. Mid-palate, you'll find hints of dark chocolate and dried fruit, adding layers of complexity. There's a peppery spice that surfaces briefly, but it’s well-integrated, keeping the focus on the whisky's smoother qualities.

Finish: The finish is long-lasting and warm, characterized by a sustained smoky layer and a fade-out into subtle spice and oak. A touch of maritime saltiness might be detected, a nod to its Islay components.

Mouthfeel: Johnnie Walker Black Label offers a medium-to-full body with a slightly oily texture, lending to a rich, satisfying sip that does not overwhelm the palate despite its complexities.

Third Base Market & Spirits Perspective:

Johnnie Walker Black Label is a staple in our whisky selection at Third Base Market & Spirits. This iconic 12-year-old blended Scotch appeals to a broad range of whisky enthusiasts—from novices to connoisseurs. Its balanced nature makes it not only a great sipping whisky but also a versatile choice for various whisky-based cocktails.

Pairing Suggestions: Given its multifaceted profile, Johnnie Walker Black Label pairs exceptionally well with a range of foods. The smoky notes work wonders with barbecued or smoked meats, while the whisky's fruitier and sweeter elements make it a fine companion to cheese boards featuring sharp and blue cheeses.

Availability: As one of the world’s most recognized whiskies, we keep ample stock at Third Base Market & Spirits. However, given its popularity, it’s always a good idea to grab a bottle when you can, especially during holiday seasons or special promotions.

Whether you're just stepping into the world of Scotch or are looking for a dependable, high-quality blend to add to your collection, Johnnie Walker Black Label is a remarkable choice that embodies the mastery of Scotch blending techniques. With its rich tapestry of flavors, it offers something for everyone, and it continues to uphold its reputation as a beloved classic in the whisky world.

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