Best Japanese whisky on the market that you’ll love

Best Japanese whisky on the market that you’ll love

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Japanese whiskies have been immensely popular across the globe in recent years. Since, the Japanese whisky tastes similar to scotch, delivering a smooth and enjoyable experience, Japanese whiskies like Suntory is widely loved across the globe.

They are produced just like other malts; they mature fast due to climate conditions in Japan. The whiskies mature at a much faster rate in Japan than in Scotland, and it also shares similarities with the US whiskies.

Japanese whisky is also a world-class Spirit, and it also accounts for about 5% of the worldwide sales. Japanese whiskey quickly makes its way among the world’s best whiskies available on the market today.

Japanese whiskies are hard to get on the international market

The demand for Japanese whiskey is always high, and the overwhelming popularity of Japanese whisky such as Suntory brands is hard to obtain in the global market. Since the number of excellent luxury whisky productions is low, the finest Japanese whiskies are very rare, and the popularity makes it even harder to get.

Why you’ll love Suntory whisky

Although there are many other choices over flooding the market, Suntory whisky is among the most preferred brands. With similar tastes like scotch, most reviews showed very positive results. The whiskies have been produced 100 years back; however, people have only rediscovered Japanese whiskies in the last decade. It has only made its name on the international market in recent years.

Yamazaki 12

Yamazaki 12 year old is a single malt whiskey; however, it is fermented longer in wooden washbacks than others. It results in rich and creamy character; the whisky is aged in Japanese oak barrels and brings the combination of both American and Spanish style of the ageing procedure.

The dark gold Yamazaki 12 gives a powerful aroma filled with floral character, cinnamon, peach, orange and a red apple. It has plenty of tropical fruits and nut oils, giving out a very rich smell. Yamazaki 12 is a perfect introduction to Japanese whisky, and it easily makes a notable world-class whisky.

Yamazaki 12 is smooth and produces a rich and satisfying flavor with sweet vanilla. The smoky flavor makes a balanced dryness. It makes a very affordable luxury drink, great for parties, celebrations or special occasions.

If you’ve never tried a Japanese whiskey, Yamazaki 12 is a perfect choice with smooth character suitable for beginners or whisky lovers looking for authentic and traditional flavors.

Hakushu 12


Hakushu 12 enjoyed its popularity because of smoky flavor; many people around the world love it. Hakushu 12 has become rare in the market in recent years. It hails from the old Japanese distillery in the mountains. It has been carefully distilled at Hakushu distillery, a brand owned by Suntory. It has a unique taste with smoky and grassy flavor, the honey, lemon zest, vanilla and oak gives a clear palate with medium dryness.

The Pale gold hakushu 12 produces a fresh grass, sliced peaches, honey and smoky aroma. It is a single malt whisky aged with Japanese oak and an adaptation of American and Spanish barrels.

Hakushu 12 is a connoisseur’s choice in Japan. Many people who enjoy smoky and light spirits adore Hakushu 12 for its unique flavor; it is a peated whisky. This whisky finishes remarkably well with medium length cinnamon and sweet, catchy taste.

Hakushu 12 gives a very appealing taste if you are a fan of fresh aroma whisky with a little dryness. It delivers a perfect combination to savor a classic taste. The whiskey definitely lives up to its fame; the rarity of the whisky it may cost you a little extra money, but it is worth the attention.

The classic Japanese peated whisky is a perfect spirit for all types of consumers. Hakushu 12 is not easily available on the market; however, if you get your hands on it, savor the taste of the smoky, grassy and sweet honey flavor. It might be a rare experience in your lifetime.

How to enjoy Japanese whisky

You might want to get the authentic taste of Japanese whisky at first try, but there are more ways to enjoy Japanese whisky.


The chilled whiskey in highball brings out the flavor and fullness of whisky. Hakushu 12 produces a more chilling and stronger taste with ice cubes. It is recommended to have a chilled glass with ice cubes, the whiskey is stirred along with the ice, and then, it is added with chilled soda. Stir firmly from the bottom to top and add lemon citrus or a grapefruit.

You can get a more refreshing taste without losing any of its grassy and smoky aromas. It also finishes very well, connoisseurs recommend it.


Yamazaki 12 produces the best taste when drinking the whiskey neat. Like a true connoisseur, as you take a sip, savor the real taste of smooth Yamazaki 12. Enjoy the pleasurable finish of the whiskey, and you can prepare a chaser.

Half rock

It is a type of whiskey on the rocks, and the half rock style is popular as it brings out the aroma and flavor gently and slowly. Both Hakushu 12 and Yamazaki 12 make a great combination with half rock style.

You can place an ice cube and chill the glass, then pour whiskey to taste. Stir it gently and pour mineral water of same amount. Many whiskey lovers enjoy half rock style; you can try experimenting Japanese whiskies and see if you love what the connoisseur’s recommendation.


Japanese Suntory whiskey has a different flavor with unique taste. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to taste rare Japanese whiskies, grab a bottle for yourself for any special occasions. With thousands of Japanese whisky lovers across the globe, you’ll surely be overwhelmed by the taste of Japanese spirits.

Since the 1920s, Japanese distilleries have produced many luxury drinks, and it still lives up to its name. Savor the taste of smoky and smooth flavor of top Suntory products.

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