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Contact Method

Emails can be directed to support@thirdbasemarketandspirits.com. Our staff is available Monday through Friday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST. We do our best to ensure we reply to all emails within the same working day.

Please note that due to our communication being email based it will be important to ensure our email address is not being marked "spam" or "junk".


Our aim is to capture the true beauty and unique colors of each of our products. As such we do want to note that despite our efforts, we may not do some of these products justice. Please use the images as a reference, and do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have. Also note that item packaging or labels may differ from what the image portrays. Products are also shipped with their original packaging accessories so long as we have received them in this manner. 

Items sold under our web platform do not share the same prices as our in-store selection due to separate inventory maintenance.


If an order needs to be cancelled, we highly recommend emailing us as soon as possible. Due to the fact we try and ship products quickly, it is important to communicate to us that a cancellation is needed. In the event that has happened, we will orchestrate returning the package to our facility and cancelling the order after receiving the returned order. A package that is returned via a cancellation in transit has the product amount refunded upon safe return, but the transit service cost is not eligible for refund. Cancellations cannot be performed once a product is delivered successfully, as product returns are prohibited by law unless the product is defective or unable to be consumed.  

Damaged Orders

While we do our best to ensure that packages are sufficiently protected, damage does occur to items. If you receive an order that is damaged please email us at support@thirdbasemarketandspirits.com and we will begin the resolution process. The process will be expedited if pictures of the damaged product(s) are included.