Xicaru Silver Mezcal

Xicaru Silver Mezcal at Third Base Market & Spirits

Presented with pride and discernment at Third Base Market & Spirits, Xicaru Silver Mezcal embodies the confluence of tradition and mastery over distillation. Created by mezcalero Fernando Santibañez, this mezcal epitomizes the beauty of Oaxacan spirit production and is handcrafted from 100% Espadín agave. With an authentic profile that does justice to its region of origin, Xicaru Silver Mezcal serves as an epitome of what true mezcal should represent.

Product Details:

  • Name: Xicaru Silver Mezcal
  • Type: Mezcal
  • Age: Joven (Young/Unaged)
  • Region: Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40.5%

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance:

Pristine and crystal clear, the spirit invites contemplation before even the first sip. It is presented in a minimalist, artisanal bottle that speaks to its rustic origins and artful execution.

Nose (Aroma):

The olfactory profile reveals a compelling mix of herbaceous agave, nuanced by vegetal earthiness and a wisp of woodsmoke. Faint aromas of citrus and green apple can also be discerned, making the bouquet both inviting and complex.


Upon entry, the mezcal showcases a robust agave character that is rich, yet clean. The smokiness sensed on the nose manifests more robustly on the palate, evoking memories of Oaxacan terroir and artisanal wood-fired stills. Beneath the dominating flavors of agave and smoke, you'll find a complex tapestry of subtle spices and citrus undertones that bring an unexpected but welcome complexity.


Xicaru Silver Mezcal offers a long, warming finish marked by a balanced smokiness and peppery zest. The endnotes leave a gratifying agave sweetness that lingers, beckoning for another exploratory sip.

Exclusively curated for Third Base Market & Spirits, Xicaru Silver Mezcal is a spirited journey into the heart of Oaxaca, capturing the land, the craftsmanship, and the vibrant culture in each bottle. It is a masterclass in mezcal-making, exhibiting an exemplary balance between agave purity and the intricate layers of artisanal distillation. For those seeking an authentic, unadulterated mezcal experience, look no further.

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Customer Reviews

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Scott Fritz
Great mezcal. Great service

I couldn’t find Xicaru silver mezcal locally, but found it on line at Third Base. I had never ordered liquor on line before and was a bit skeptical, but decide to try it. My order arrived on time, and was packaged beautifully. The price was good. We’ll be doing business again.