West Cork Glengarriff Series Peat Charred Cask

West Cork Glengarriff Series Peat Charred Cask Irish Whiskey: A Peated Exploration

Name: West Cork Glengarriff Series Peat Charred Cask Irish Whiskey
Type: Irish Whiskey
Age: No age statement (NAS)
Region: County Cork, Ireland
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 43%

Expert Review

From the reputable distilleries of West Cork comes a celebration of Irish craftsmanship, the West Cork Glengarriff Series Peat Charred Cask Irish Whiskey. An embodiment of Ireland’s pristine landscapes and rich heritage, it's an exploration of peated perfection, exclusively brought to you by Third Base Market & Spirits.


From the first whiff, a lively fusion of aromatic peat merges with a sweet undertone of caramel and vanilla. The nose unfolds layer upon layer, offering glimpses into a forest laden with pine and oak, introducing a subtle hint of floral notes as it blossoms with complexity and depth.


Delve deeper as you take a sip, and immerse yourself in the richness of flavors facilitated by its unique maturation process in charred casks. A marriage of vibrant peatiness finds harmony with notes of toasted wood, bringing forth a delightful warmth that is both comforting and invigorating. The meticulous charring process elevates the tasting experience, revealing layers of chocolate and dried fruits, accompanied by a lingering spice that dances on the palate, keeping you engaged with every sip.


The finish offers a prolonged experience, leaving a signature of its peated lineage. The complexity of flavors continues to echo, leaving behind a tender smokiness paired with a sweet residue of maple syrup and a gentle hint of spice, resonating with the spirit of the Irish landscapes, leaving a lingering invitation to explore further.

Food Pairing Recommendations

Enhance your gastronomic adventure with a thoughtful pairing. Complement the whiskey's robust profile with rich, fatty meats like a well-marbled steak or savory sausages. On the sweeter end, consider pairing with a dark chocolate dessert, where the bitter notes find a beautiful contrast with the whiskey's inherent sweetness.

Unique Features

Curated in the renowned region of County Cork, Ireland, this expression belongs to the sought-after Glengarriff series, a hallmark of innovation and dedication. The utilization of peat charred casks in the maturation process is a testament to the distillery’s ingenuity, imparting the whiskey with a rich, multifaceted profile, offering a dynamic exploration of flavors and sensations.


The West Cork Glengarriff Series Peat Charred Cask Irish Whiskey stands as a tribute to the art of Irish whiskey-making, a confluence of tradition and innovation, ushering in a voyage through the tranquil and rich landscapes of Ireland. Available exclusively at Third Base Market & Spirits, this expression promises an experience that is not only rich in flavor but steeped in heritage, offering a delightful journey through a landscape of meticulously crafted flavors. It’s more than a whiskey; it's a bridge to Ireland’s spirit and nature, right in your glass.

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Customer Reviews

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Best Smokey Wisky

I first came across this wish at a local wisky tasting in Sylmar. This is by far the best sweet oak tasting wisky I've had at this price range. You can really taste the barrel blends.

Tom B
Mild but pleasant smoke, and a delightful sweeter whiskey overall

"Charred peat" is a phrase that makes it very easy to wonder whether they're aiming for an Islay-esque profile. This really isn't that, at least not in line with the big name smoke bombs (which I personally love and constantly crave). This whiskey has nice fruity and sweet notes up top, with pleasant attack of moderate intensity--some faint smoke, right caramel, light alcohol twang. Long, complex, sweet mid-palate lingering into a lengthy finish. Very nice stuff. Easy repeater at $38.