Tres Barricas Anejo

Tres Barricas Añejo Tequila at Third Base Market & Spirits

We are delighted to present the exquisite Tres Barricas Añejo Tequila, an exemplar of unparalleled Mexican craftsmanship, now featured at Third Base Market & Spirits. With an aging process that transcends 18 months, this Añejo is nurtured within three types of oak barrels—American, French, and Spanish—each contributing to its distinguished character and complex flavor profile.

Product Details:

  • Name: Tres Barricas Añejo Tequila
  • Type: Añejo Tequila
  • Age: 18+ Months
  • Region: Jalisco, Mexico
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance:

The tequila's visual allure begins with its sumptuous golden amber hue, enriched by its time in various oak barrels. The liquid's body is luxuriously thick, a characteristic that manifests as long, viscous legs upon swirling in the glass.

Nose (Aroma):

The olfactory experience is a sophisticated journey through intricate layers of aroma. Initially, there's the traditional note of cooked agave, sweet yet earthy, which is immediately followed by nuances of toasted oak, vanilla, and hints of dried fruits like fig and apricot. A whisper of spice, perhaps cinnamon and nutmeg, adds a further layer of complexity.


Tres Barricas Añejo Tequila provides an entrancing narrative on the palate, a testament to its multifaceted aging process. A fusion of flavors, beginning with the mellowness of cooked agave, is delicately interwoven with buttery vanilla and caramel, a legacy of its time in American oak. This gives way to a subtler, but equally enthralling, symphony of dried fruits and spices, the gifts of French and Spanish oaks. Dark chocolate and a hint of coffee linger as unexpected but welcomed guests.


The finish is lingering and nuanced, echoing all the subtleties introduced on the palate. Warm sensations of oak, leather, and mild tobacco are underscored by a trailing sweetness and a refined spiciness that lingers like an enduring melody.

Exclusively available at Third Base Market & Spirits, Tres Barricas Añejo Tequila is a masterful creation designed for those who appreciate the finer aspects of tequila craftsmanship. It serves as an exceptional sipper and adds unparalleled depth and complexity to premium cocktails. With each sip, the drinker is transported on a nuanced journey through the terrains of Jalisco and the elegance of three different oak barrels. Truly, it is an art form in liquid expression.

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Customer Reviews

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Derek Mitchell
Worst tequila EVER!!!

Doesn't smell like tequila. Doesn't taste like tequila. Can't drink it neat. Can't mix it. This is worse than bourbon. I HATE bourbon. My go-to anejo was out of stock. This was around the same price point so I gave it a shot. Learn from my mistake and avoid at all costs.