Tottori Japanese Whisky

Product Details:

  • Name: Tottori Blended Japanese Whisky
  • Type: Blended Whisky
  • Age: NAS (No Age Statement)
  • Region: Tottori Prefecture, Japan
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 43%

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance: Upon pouring, Tottori Blended Japanese Whisky reveals a pleasing, golden amber hue. Its translucent clarity assures you of the quality filtration process employed, and the liquid clings to the glass in moderate tears, suggesting a well-balanced body.

Nose (Aroma): The olfactory profile is an elegant interplay of understated complexity. Initial wafts carry fresh orchard fruits like apple and pear, transitioning into more complex aromas of floral honey, lightly toasted oak, and a touch of vanilla. A layer of soft spice, perhaps nutmeg and white pepper, mingles in the backdrop, adding a layer of intrigue without overwhelming the senses.

Palate (Taste): A harmonious blend of subtlety and expressiveness characterizes the tasting experience. The initial sweetness of honey and caramel is balanced by a gentle citrus tang, resembling candied orange peel. Mid-palate, the whisky unveils a delightful twist of spiced dark chocolate and a hint of black tea bitterness, providing an engaging counterbalance to its sweeter dimensions.

Finish: The finish is medium in length, carrying through the spicy undertones that gradually give way to a warm, woody aftertaste. An echo of the initial orchard fruits reappears, providing a rounded, coherent flavor journey.

Mouthfeel: Despite its moderate ABV of 43%, the whisky is remarkably smooth on the palate, owing much to its well-integrated alcohol and complex yet balanced flavor profile.

Third Base Market & Spirits Perspective:

At Third Base Market & Spirits, we pride ourselves on curating a selection of high-quality, unique spirits for the discerning consumer. The Tottori Blended Japanese Whisky fits effortlessly into this criteria. With its intricate balance of flavors and its remarkable drinkability, this whisky is an excellent introduction to Japanese whisky for newcomers and a rewarding sip for seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Pairing Suggestions: Given its layered yet non-overpowering flavor profile, Tottori Japanese Whisky pairs elegantly with a variety of cuisines. Enjoy it alongside sushi or a lightly grilled seafood dish to complement its delicate flavors, or with creamy desserts like cheesecake to play off its sweeter notes.

Availability: Limited stock available. We recommend securing a bottle soon to appreciate the craftsmanship that Tottori offers, representing the subtlety and finesse that Japanese whiskies are celebrated for.

Tottori Japanese Whisky is a testament to the masterful blending skills of Japanese distillers and the richness of the Tottori Prefecture’s natural resources. Whether you're a whisky novice looking to explore or an aficionado keen to add a versatile option to your collection, Tottori offers a truly captivating experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony B.
Phenomenal Whiskey

I'd originally tried this Japanese bourbon in a restaurant. Liked it so much, and since I knew the owners, I had them order a for me. Can't begin to describe the smooth finish on this bourbon, especially when served neat. I appreciate the fact your organization stocks it; and I'm sure we'll be doing business in the future...