Tequila Ocho Plata La Estancia 2022

Tequila Ocho Plata La Estancia 2022 at Third Base Market & Spirits

Third Base Market & Spirits proudly introduces the Tequila Ocho Plata La Estancia 2022, an exemplary distillate of superior craftsmanship and unique terroir. Originating from the revered La Estancia estate, this tequila stands as a paragon of complexity and nuance within the plata or "silver" category.

Product Details:

  • Name: Tequila Ocho Plata La Estancia 2022
  • Type: Plata Tequila
  • Age: Unaged
  • Region: Jalisco, Mexico
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance:
The tequila immediately captivates with its translucent clarity, resembling the purity of liquid crystal. Its unblemished appearance is the first hint at the meticulous attention to detail exhibited throughout its production.

Nose (Aroma):
An aromatic profusion of fresh, earthy agave manifests itself on the nose, accompanied by subtle floral undertones and hints of citrus. Intriguing nuances of wet stone and herbaceous freshness augment the olfactory experience, painting a vivid landscape of the La Estancia estate's rich soils.

Palate (Taste):
On the palate, the Tequila Ocho Plata La Estancia 2022 unveils a magnificent complexity rarely encountered in an unaged spirit. A robust core of cooked agave flavor melds seamlessly with notes of white pepper, lime zest, and a delicate whisper of tropical fruit—perhaps a subtle nod to guava or pineapple. There's an undercurrent of minerality, a textbook example of terroir, that provides an extraordinary backdrop to its flavor profile.

The finish is elegantly crisp yet lingering, leaving behind a textural weave of sweet and spicy elements. A final, gentle warmth descends, completing the sensorial journey with finesse.

The texture is nothing short of luxurious—silky yet vivacious, exhibiting an excellent balance of weight and buoyancy that keeps the palate engaged from start to finish.

Third Base Market & Spirits Perspective:

We at Third Base Market & Spirits pride ourselves in offering products that resonate with the discerning tastes of our clientele. Tequila Ocho Plata La Estancia 2022 epitomizes this ethos. Its complexity transcends the expectations often relegated to plata tequilas, offering not just a beverage, but a gustatory experience that tells a tale of soil, microclimate, and artisanal devotion.

Given its exceptional character and limited production, this release is available in restricted quantities. We recommend early acquisition to ensure you have the opportunity to experience this unparalleled plata tequila.

To conclude, Tequila Ocho Plata La Estancia 2022 is a distillate of distinction, offering a rich tapestry of flavors that honor its heritage while captivating modern palates. This selection is an essential addition to the curated range of high-quality spirits we offer at Third Base Market & Spirits. Its extraordinary taste profile attests to the capabilities of masterful distillation and the unique characteristics of the agave sourced from La Estancia.

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