Shibui 30 Year

Shibui 30 Year Japanese Whisky – The Zenith of Mastery

Name: Shibui 30 Year Japanese Whisky
Type: Whisky
Age: 30 Years
Region: Okinawa, Japan
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 43%

Expert Review

Unveiling a monumental spirit that embodies the epitome of Japanese craftsmanship and heritage, Third Base Market & Spirits is proud to present the revered Shibui 30 Year Japanese Whisky. Hailing from the pristine region of Okinawa, renowned for its unique whisky production methods and pristine natural resources, this 30-year-old masterpiece stands as a testament to the finest Japanese distillation artistry.


Upon the initial encounter, one is greeted with a harmonious symphony of delicate aromas that tell tales of its remarkable journey through time. The bouquet unfolds with a gentle whisper of aged oak, intertwined with nuances of dried fruits and a whisper of incense, a homage to traditional Japanese serenity and grace.


Every sip of this exquisite whisky takes the connoisseur on a sensory pilgrimage, traversing through three decades of mastery and tradition. The palate is introduced to a rich tapestry of flavors, where notes of caramel and dark chocolate seamlessly merge with a subtle undertone of spices and a kiss of smoked wood, delivering a tasting note that is both rich yet impeccably balanced. A deep umami undertone showcases a rich, deep character, a reflection of the lush Okinawa landscapes, adding a dimension of complexity that is rare and revered.


A whisky of this stature boasts a finish that is nothing short of extraordinary. The long, lingering finish offers a graceful exit with a symphony of warm, earthy notes resonating with a subtle sweetness, leaving a trail of exquisite sensations, echoing with a sophisticated and harmonious balance that is iconic of a Japanese artistry that respects time and nature.

Food Pairing Recommendations

To enhance its regal character, pair it with delicacies that echo its grandeur. Consider a fine dinner of umami-rich dishes, such as a succulent Wagyu steak or a meticulously prepared sushi ensemble, allowing the whisky to reveal its complex character, step by step, with each harmonious pairing.

Unique Features

Beyond its rich and well-rounded profile, the Shibui 30 Year stands tall with a heritage steeped in Japanese tradition. Crafted in the unique climate of Okinawa, which bestows upon it a unique profile, each bottle is a celebration of the finest Japanese grains matured to perfection, creating a whisky that is extraordinarily smooth with a depth that speaks of decades of mastery.


The Shibui 30 Year Japanese Whisky is not just a beverage; it is an experience, a journey through time, a testament to the mastery of Japanese whisky production. Exclusively available at Third Base Market & Spirits, it invites the connoisseur to a sensory journey like no other, promising an experience that is profoundly rich, complex, and unmistakably Japanese. It is more than a whisky; it is a privilege, a rare opportunity to taste a true masterpiece that stands at the pinnacle of Japanese whisky craftsmanship.

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