Rooster Rojo Tequila Blanco

Rooster Rojo Tequila Blanco – The Quintessence of Purity and Vibrancy

Name: Rooster Rojo Tequila Blanco
Type: Tequila Blanco
Age: Unaged
Region: Jalisco, Mexico
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%

Expert Review

In the renowned region of Jalisco, Mexico, the birthplace of the world's finest tequilas, a particular selection stands out, presenting itself with unmatched purity and vibrant character – the Rooster Rojo Tequila Blanco. This unaged marvel, a pivotal offering in the prestigious collection at Third Base Market & Spirits, brings forth the untamed spirit of Mexico in a bottle, offering connoisseurs an opportunity to indulge in a truly pristine tequila experience.


On the nose, Rooster Rojo Tequila Blanco is a fresco of crisp and invigorating notes. As you approach, it greets you with the fresh and vibrant fragrance of sweet agave, accented with gentle notes of citrus zest and green apple, promising a vibrant and refreshing journey ahead.


The palate encounters an immediate rush of rich, sweet, and lush agave flavor that dominates and sets a tone of purity and vivacity. This is accompanied by a spectacular symphony of flavors, including hints of black pepper, adding a spiky contrast to the sweet undertones, and a delicate hint of minerals, reflective of the rich volcanic soil of the region where the blue agave is cultivated. Its unaged nature translates to a genuine, raw, and highly authentic flavor profile that shines with clarity and honesty.


The finish is clean and brisk with a lasting impression of freshly harvested agave, leaving a tantalizing and slightly spicy note on the tongue, evoking a passionate dance of flavors that is both lively and invigorating, encouraging another delightful sip.

Food Pairing Recommendations

To maximize the pleasure derived from this pristine spirit, consider pairing it with light and fresh dishes. A classic Mexican ceviche or a citrusy salad would go wonderfully, allowing the fresh and crisp notes of the tequila to shine through, creating a harmonious dining experience.

Unique Features

Derived from 100% blue agave, and perfected through a meticulous production process that includes filtration through Mexican silver, this tequila embodies purity and a deep connection to its land of origin.


The Rooster Rojo Tequila Blanco, exclusively available at Third Base Market & Spirits, stands as a tribute to the authentic Mexican spirit, offering a tequila experience that is both pure and intensely vibrant. Whether enjoyed neat, or as the base of a refreshing cocktail, it promises an experience of raw authenticity and vivacious character, worthy of the most discerning tequila enthusiasts. It is more than a drink; it's an expression of Mexican heritage, a celebration of the pristine, and the vibrant, captured beautifully in a bottle.

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