Rod & Hammer's Straight Bourbon

Rod & Hammer's Straight Bourbon: The Epitome of American Craftsmanship

Name: Rod & Hammer's Straight Bourbon
Type: Straight Bourbon
Age: NAS (No Age Statement)
Region: USA
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Specify ABV

Expert Review

Presenting the rich American heritage in a bottle, Rod & Hammer's Straight Bourbon brings a celebration of the fine art of bourbon-making right into your glass. With a dedication to quality and a deep respect for traditional distilling methods, this offering is sure to resonate with bourbon aficionados and newcomers alike. This exclusive representation of American craftsmanship is brought to you by Third Base Market & Spirits.


On the nose, this straight bourbon greets you with a complex yet harmonious blend of scents. The primary notes carry the richness of caramel, coupled with a delightful scent of vanilla that invigorates the senses. As you delve deeper, a subtle blend of ripe berries and a hint of oakiness unfold, creating an aromatic prelude that sets a promising stage for what is to follow.


The palate experiences an exquisite mélange of flavors that are both rich and rounded. The initial taste is characterized by a bold and robust presence of oak that is beautifully complemented by the underlying sweetness of butterscotch. This is followed by a spiciness derived from rye, which adds a thrilling dimension to the bourbon, offering a robust profile that is both spicy and warming.


In the finish, Rod & Hammer's Straight Bourbon showcases a smooth and enduring closure. The gentle heat persists, leaving behind a harmonious trace of sweet and spice that lingers elegantly on the palate. A final note of toasted nuts brings a depth to the finish, leaving a lasting impression that is satisfying and complete, beckoning for another thoughtful sip.

Food Pairing Recommendations

This straight bourbon pairs wonderfully with a range of foods. For an appetizer, consider a smoked salmon or prosciutto ham to complement the bourbon's rich profile. In main courses, it finds its match in dishes with grilled meats, where the caramelization from the grill harmonizes perfectly with the bourbon’s sweet notes.

Unique Features

Rod & Hammer's Straight Bourbon stands as a testament to quality craftsmanship, showcasing a rich heritage through its carefully selected grains and meticulous production process. Each batch represents a harmony of elements brought together to create a bourbon that is rich in history and flavor, promising a true American spirit in every sip.


Exclusively brought to you by Third Base Market & Spirits, Rod & Hammer's Straight Bourbon is more than just a beverage — it is a celebration of tradition, precision, and craftsmanship. This bourbon delivers a rich and full-bodied experience that explores the depths of American bourbon heritage with every sip, making it a perfect choice for those looking to savor a truly elevated bourbon experience. Be sure to secure your bottle and witness the celebration of American heritage and mastery in bourbon production through this vibrant and robust offering.

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