Rod & Hammer's SLO Manhattan

Rod & Hammer's SLO Manhattan

Product Details:

  • Name: Rod & Hammer's SLO Manhattan
  • Type: Premixed Cocktail
  • Age: Ready-to-Drink
  • Region: San Luis Obispo, California
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 30%

Expert Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

In an industry where craftsmanship often takes a backseat to convenience, Rod & Hammer's SLO Manhattan emerges as an artisanal tour de force. Produced in the heart of California's Central Coast, San Luis Obispo, this ready-to-drink Manhattan is a curated blend of exceptional craftsmanship and convenience. Third Base Market & Spirits is proud to showcase this premium offering to our select audience, eager for sophistication without the fuss.


Uncorking this elegant bottle releases a bouquet of complex aromas that defy the norms of premixed cocktails. There's an initial hit of rye spice, seamlessly blended with Italian vermouth's aromatic botanicals. The olfactory senses are teased by faint notes of orange zest and cherries, offering a tantalizing hint of the taste experience to come.


A symphony of balance greets the palate. High-quality American rye whiskey lays the foundation, its characteristic spiciness mellowed yet highlighted by the addition of sweet Italian vermouth. Notes of dark cherries and candied orange peel round out the mix, introducing a layer of complexity that lingers on the tongue. In the middle ground, herbal notes from the vermouth harmonize with the whiskey's spice, proving that a premixed cocktail can offer a robust flavor profile.


The finish is warm and lasting, characterized by a delightful blend of bitter and sweet. Notes of spiced orange, dark chocolate, and a hint of mint resonate in a finish that is as sophisticated as it is satisfying.

Suggested Pairings:

Perfect for gatherings or a quiet night in, Rod & Hammer's SLO Manhattan pairs flawlessly with rich, savory dishes such as roasted duck or beef bourguignon. It is also an excellent companion to a cheese and charcuterie board, where its complex flavors can juxtapose a variety of textures and tastes.

The Third Base Market & Spirits Endorsement:

We at Third Base Market & Spirits are pleased to offer Rod & Hammer's SLO Manhattan to our distinguished clientele. This is a bottled cocktail that defies expectation, proving that convenience can be sophisticated, and sophistication can be convenient.

Indulge in a Rod & Hammer's SLO Manhattan and experience the pinnacle of ready-to-drink cocktails, now available exclusively at Third Base Market & Spirits. Its meticulous crafting and superior ingredients deliver a taste experience traditionally reserved for high-end cocktail lounges. Cheers to elevated convenience!

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Brent Brooks
This is an amazing choice. You won’t be disappointed

This stuff is an awesome choice