Nulu Double Oaked Rye

Nulu Double Oaked Rye Whiskey at Third Base Market & Spirits

As connoisseurs of finely crafted spirits, Third Base Market & Spirits is delighted to feature a particularly remarkable rye expression: the Nulu Double Oaked Rye Whiskey. Emerging from the renowned Prohibition Craft Spirits distillery, this modern yet timeless rye is a veritable showcase of craftsmanship that is double matured to achieve its intricate layers of flavor and richness.

Product Details:

  • Name: Nulu Double Oaked Rye Whiskey
  • Type: Rye Whiskey
  • Age: Non-Age Statement
  • Region: Louisville, Kentucky, United States
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 47.5%

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance:
The visual element alone invites intrigue. The whiskey bears a deep amber color with a burnished copper sheen, a direct consequence of its double-oaking process. The legs are viscous, indicative of its rich texture and concentrated flavor profile.

Nose (Aroma):
The aromatic profile of Nulu Double Oaked Rye presents a compelling complexity. The nose is immediately met with a burst of classic rye spiciness, melding seamlessly with nuanced aromas of caramelized oak, dark chocolate, and a touch of orange zest. Faint undertones of leather and tobacco add a sophisticated depth.

Palate (Taste):
This is where the double oaking truly distinguishes itself. The initial entry is robust with flavors of black pepper and toasted rye grain, traditional to the category but amped up by the dual maturation process. Soon, waves of caramel, dark cherry, and molasses wash over the palate, delicately softened by the creamy vanilla that emanates from the second round of oaking.

The finish is enduring, highlighting the full-bodied nature of this rye. It concludes with lingering notes of toasted nuts, a smidgen of licorice, and a return of that beautifully integrated spiciness, offering a balanced complexity that keeps one engaged till the last drop.

The spirit’s mouthfeel doesn’t disappoint either—rich, oily, and full-bodied, it fills the mouth with a velvety texture that further solidifies its standing as a premium rye whiskey.

Third Base Market & Spirits Perspective:

Nulu Double Oaked Rye Whiskey is a feat in American distilling that truly earns its place among high-end whiskeys. Its complex flavor profile and rich mouthfeel make it highly suitable for both sipping neat and as the cornerstone of a high-quality cocktail. The higher-than-average ABV of 47.5% ensures that this whiskey holds its integrity in various forms of consumption.

This expression enjoys a certain exclusivity due to its specialized maturation process. While it's not the rarest bottle one could find, its distinctiveness and quality ensure it holds a coveted spot in the collections of those who know their whiskey well.

Elevate your whiskey experience with a bottle of Nulu Double Oaked Rye. Available at Third Base Market & Spirits, where discerning enthusiasts can discover spirits that speak to both tradition and innovation.

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