Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial Champagne: The Epitome of Romantic Elegance

Name: Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial Champagne
Type: Rosé Champagne
Age: Non-vintage
Region: Champagne, France
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Usually ranges between 12% and 14%, but always refer to the product label for the exact ABV.

Expert Review

With a heritage steeped in success and refinement, the Moët & Chandon house delivers yet another timeless classic with its Rosé Impérial Champagne. This premium beverage, presented by Third Base Market & Spirits, emanates the iconic legacy of the French vintner, promising a sensual journey through its vibrant and spirited personality. Allow us to guide you through a sensorial exploration of this remarkable champagne.


Greeting the eyes with a bewitching hue, this rosé champagne boasts a vibrant, golden pink color that holds a mirror to the youthful, energetic essence encapsulated in every bottle. A seductive play of fine, persistent bubbles adds to the visual delight, promising a vibrant and refreshing experience.


The nose is instantly captivated by a lively bouquet of fresh, red summer berries, intertwined with floral nuances and a delicate peppery touch. This aromatic profile is enriched further with notes of rose and a subtle, yet complex layer of white fruits, offering a glimpse into the champagne's rich and diverse flavor landscape.


Upon the first sip, a harmonious balance of intensity and brightness engulfs the palate. It offers a delightful dance of flavors, harmonizing the juicy and persistent intensity of berries with the fleshiness and firmness of peach and a fresh hint of mint. The vibrant fruitiness is gracefully supported by a firm and supple texture, showcasing a well-structured and slightly vinous palate that commands admiration.


The finale is a crescendo of flavors, presenting a fresh, lingering finish that leaves an imprint of refined elegance and energetic spontaneity. It encourages a contemplative moment to fully appreciate the vibrant yet harmonious clash of sensations, offering a reflection of Moët & Chandon's exceptional craftsmanship.

Serving Suggestions

To unlock the champagne's full potential, it is best enjoyed chilled, at a temperature between 6-8°C (43-46°F). Its versatility makes it an impeccable choice for a variety of culinary pairings, including fresh red fruit salads, raw fish dishes, or a vibrant selection of fine cheeses.


Third Base Market & Spirits is honored to present the Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial Champagne, a selection that promises to elevate any occasion to a realm of sophisticated enjoyment. Whether it is to commemorate a special event or to add a splash of glamour to a casual gathering, this champagne stands as a testimony to the impeccable quality and grandeur that defines the Moët & Chandon legacy. Make it a part of your celebration, and toast to the finer things in life with a glass of this exhilarating rosé champagne.

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