Kaiyo The Sheri Whisky

Kaiyo The Sheri Japanese Whisky

Product Details

  • Name: Kaiyo The Sheri Japanese Whisky
  • Type: Japanese Whisky
  • Age: No Age Statement (NAS)
  • Region: Honshu, Japan
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 43%

Product Description

Introducing Kaiyo The Sheri Japanese Whisky—a symphony of meticulous craftsmanship and innovation, manifested in a glass. Originating from the heartland of Honshu, Japan, this expression challenges the boundaries of traditional whisky production. It carries no age statement, focusing instead on the character imparted by its unique maturation process: a voyage at sea in Mizunara oak barrels. The movement and fluctuating maritime climate allow for an accelerated and diversified interaction between the spirit and wood. With an ABV of 43%, Kaiyo The Sheri strikes a masterful balance between intensity and nuance. This extraordinary whisky is exclusively offered by Third Base Market & Spirits, a sanctuary for those in pursuit of liquid excellence.

Tasting Notes

A radiant golden hue tinged with amber reflects the whisky's nautical aging journey and intricate wood interaction.

On the nose, Kaiyo The Sheri presents an intricate blend of stone fruits, particularly apricot and peach, underscored by a bouquet of floral aromatics such as jasmine and cherry blossom. Notes of vanilla and a whisper of sea salt attest to its maritime maturation.

The palate is an expansive landscape of flavors. Immediate sweet notes of honeydew melon and juicy pear are followed by a rich, almost umami, complexity featuring soy and roasted almonds. Layers of spice—particularly nutmeg and white pepper—add depth and vivacity, showcasing the influence of the exotic Mizunara oak.

The finish is a lingering affair, offering evolving notes of dried fruits, a subtle smokiness, and a final touch of briny minerality. The finesse and longevity of the finish allow for a prolonged appreciation of this complex spirit.

Pairing Suggestions

Kaiyo The Sheri boasts a profile versatile enough to accompany a variety of gourmet experiences. It pairs exceptionally well with Japanese cuisine—think sushi with a touch of wasabi or sashimi to counterbalance the whisky’s sweeter tones. Additionally, it serves as a refined partner to aged cheeses or charcuterie.

In summation, Kaiyo The Sheri Japanese Whisky embodies the harmonious intersection of traditional craftsmanship and innovative techniques. Whether you are a seasoned whisky aficionado or new to the world of Japanese whisky, this exceptional expression offers a journey that defies geographical and sensory boundaries. Your exclusive passport to this experience awaits at Third Base Market & Spirits.

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