Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon

Product Details:

  • Name: Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Age: Aged for a minimum of 10 years
  • Region: Kentucky, USA
  • Alcohol by Volume: 50% ABV (100 proof)

Overview: Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon, available exclusively through Third Base Market & Spirits, is a distinguished and highly sought-after bourbon renowned for its age, craftsmanship, and exceptional flavor profile. This technical description offers a comprehensive look at the key characteristics and processes that make Henry McKenna a standout in the world of bourbon.

Ingredients: Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon is artfully composed from premium ingredients:

  1. Grains: A grain mixture featuring a majority of corn, along with rye and malted barley, contributes to the bourbon's foundational flavors and complexity.

  2. Yeast: Carefully selected yeast strains are used during fermentation, shaping the development of flavor compounds and the whiskey's overall character.

  3. Water: Pure limestone-filtered water from Kentucky is employed throughout the production process, ensuring consistency and quality.

Distillation: The production of Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon follows a meticulous distillation process:

  1. Milling: Grains are finely milled to create a mash, exposing starches for fermentation.

  2. Mashing: The milled grains are combined with water and heated to create a mash. Enzymes in malted barley facilitate the conversion of starches into fermentable sugars.

  3. Fermentation: The mash is transferred to fermentation tanks, where yeast initiates fermentation, a process lasting several days, during which sugars are converted into alcohol and essential flavor compounds are developed.

  4. Distillation: The fermented mash is distilled in traditional copper pot stills, concentrating the alcohol content while separating unwanted elements. The resulting distillate is carefully collected and evaluated for quality.

Aging: Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon undergoes an essential aging process:

  1. Barrel Selection: The distilled spirit is aged in new charred oak barrels, and the selection process ensures each barrel contributes distinctive flavors to the bourbon.

  2. Warehouse Aging: The aging takes place in rickhouses in Kentucky, where the bourbon interacts with the oak barrels. Temperature fluctuations and wood interaction impart unique flavors and complexity.

  3. Aging Duration: Henry McKenna bourbon is aged for a minimum of 10 years, allowing it to develop a rich, mature flavor profile.

Bottling and Proofing: Following aging, each bottle of Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon is proofed to its final bottling strength, which is typically 50% ABV (100 proof), ensuring the whiskey's bold and flavorful character remains intact.

Packaging: Henry McKenna bourbon is presented in an elegantly labeled bottle, symbolizing its premium quality and heritage.

Conclusion: Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon, exclusively available through Third Base Market & Spirits, stands as a testament to the art of bourbon-making in Kentucky. Crafted with precision, using superior ingredients, and aged to perfection, this bourbon offers a rich, complex flavor profile admired by connoisseurs worldwide. It's a true representation of the finest American bourbon tradition and a must-have for those seeking a premium and sophisticated bourbon experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Steven Chimera
Great bottle

I really enjoy Henry McKenna 10 year. It is difficult to find as it is very popular. Third Base is a great supplier. I was happy to find they had it. If you enjoy bourbon then you should enjoy this.

Bourbon 46038
Nice little addition...

I had held off ordering this for no particular reason. That's not true. I had tasted other Henry McKenna products and didn't think much about them. But literally every peron I had spoken to about this particular bottle said that I needed to give it a try, so I did. This one is hit and miss on whether or not I can find it locally, and it has been a "miss" of lately, so I was glad to find this at Third Base. As always, the delivery was fast and the bottles were packaged very professionally. This bottle is a great sipper!

Richard Hochgesang
Another home run!`

Second time ordering from these guys & they did not disappoint!! As soon as I placed order they sent me a confirmation. Ordered Henry McKenna 10 year bottled in bond, which I couldn't find local. Sent confirmation when it was shipped & was delivered, well packaged a day earlier then they estimated, keeping me updated the whole time. A class act business! Thank you!

Ronald Rex
Very well done!

The review is titled "Very well Done". It is certainly true of the Henry McKenna 10year old bottled in bond, and the bourbon lives up the the title. But of equal or more importance was the ease of finding what I wanted and placing an order. Also not to be over looked is the quick shipment and a quick delivery, very good prices and shipping fees. For all theses items I say very well done.

John Frederickson
Great product

Ordered this product because it is no longer available locally, this is an outstanding sipper with a wonderful flavor. If you like bourbon it’s a must have for your inventory and third base market got me my order so easily, definitely will use them again