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Glen Scotia Double Cask

A double cask single malt whisky that first matures in a first fill bourbon barrel before finishing in a Pedro Ximenez sherry cask. The product, a fine balance of spicy fruits, sea spray, and vanilla oak.

Product Type: Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky
Size: 750 ML
Origin: Scotland
Region: Campbeltown
Age: NAS

    Customer Reviews

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    Happy days.

    Delicious. Very smooth on the tongue. Wonderful warmth. Beautiful color. Really nice drinking.


    Quite excellent. Great value. A revelation. Lovely after dinner dram with a sweet finnish.

    Well balanced. Delightful

    Not chill filtered, at 46% ABV just above the threshold for chill filtering, so nicely oily, but given the rake and plow mashing surprisingly not too malolactic in nature. The long fermentation renders rich estery flavors.
    Nose is very well balanced and yet contradictory in nature with spicy sweetness and some smokiness possibly from heavily charred American White Oak casks probably first fill. PX cask is utilized nicely balancing the other flavors and enriching the whiskey. As one would expect, some maritime influence evident, more so on the palate. The distillery character has not been overpowering by the dominant porous PX cask with low Tyloses content, suggesting the finishing has been closely monitored.
    My preference is always the heavily peated Kildaltons, especially Ardbeg expressions, but this is one of my favorite whiskeys. Excellent balance and blend of distillery new make cleric influence and cask influence from both the American White Oak and the PX cask with its intensity of sweetness, syrupy and Xmas cake, but not sickly so, as too many of the Sherry finish whiskeys can be and are. Delightful.


    Lovely!! This may well be a Glendronach 15 Revival beater, similar characteristics. I can't imagine a better whiskey of this style at this price point. Truly a delicious dram to savor and the finish goes on and on. Stunning!

    An excellent bargain with a smooth finish and a hint of smoke in the nose.

    Light caramel colored, with a vanilla and maple syrup aroma. Light burn, balanced flavors and an excellent viscous mouthfeel on the mouth first sip. Smooth finish with a hint of smoke in the nose. Gingerbread and orange notes on the back end of the finish. A not overly sweet whiskey which I highly recommend and is an excellent bargain!