Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon

Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon – A Texas Titan

Name: Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon
Type: Bourbon
Age: Varies with batch (generally 4-5 years)
Region: Hye, Texas, USA
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 47%

Expert Review

In the picturesque heart of Hye, Texas, where tradition meets innovation, the Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon is crafted meticulously with a dedicated passion for excellence. This epitome of craftsmanship, exclusively available at Third Base Market & Spirits, represents the essence of premium bourbon culture, treating the enthusiasts to an experience that is profoundly Texan in spirit and global in its appeal.


When one embarks on the sensory journey, it initiates with a sophisticated and rich nose. Deep layers of caramel intertwine gracefully with hints of sweet corn and toasted oak, painting a vivid and warm picture that is inviting, promising a rich and immersive bourbon encounter.


Upon the first sip, a burst of multi-dimensional flavors embrace the palate. The expert craftsmanship unveils itself through pronounced notes of burnt caramel, dried fruits, and vanilla, with a delightful touch of spice that dances playfully on the tongue. The complexity is further enriched by subtle undertones of butterscotch and nutmeg, presenting a rich mosaic of flavors, derived from the fine corn, wheat, and barley that make the mash bill.


Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon impresses with a finish that is long-lasting, warm, and incredibly smooth. As it descends, it leaves a luxurious trail of sweet oak and dark chocolate, enticing one with the promise of a deeply satisfying and rounded finish that encapsulates the beauty of Texas Hill Country in every drop.

Food Pairing Recommendations

This bourbon pairs impeccably with hearty meals. Consider complementing it with dishes like a tender smoked brisket or a rich pecan pie to create a symphony of Texan flavors in your dining experience.

Unique Features

Sourced from organic grains and aged in charred American white oak barrels under the meticulous supervision of master distillers, this bourbon speaks of unparalleled quality and an adherence to the finest traditions of bourbon crafting. Each bottle from the small batch series carries with it a unique character and a story, thanks to the variable aging process that respects the pace of natural maturation.


A treasure from the heart of Texas, the Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, offers a rich and deep flavor profile, signifying the epitome of craft bourbons. Available exclusively at Third Base Market & Spirits, it stands as a monument to high-quality bourbon crafting, offering a taste experience that is both sophisticated and intensely personal. It invites connoisseurs to savor a journey through the rich landscapes of Texas, in a glass brimming with excellence and authentic bourbon heritage.

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My favorite Bourbon!

Very smooth and viscous.