E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof

E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon

Product Details:

  • Name: E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon
  • Type: Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Age: Varies by batch, typically aged around 8 to 12 years
  • Region: Kentucky, USA
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Typically ranges from 60% to 70% ABV (varies by batch)

Overview: E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon is a powerful and uncut expression from the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Named after Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr., a prominent figure in American whiskey history, this bourbon pays homage to his legacy of quality and innovation. Each batch of E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof is bottled at its natural, unaltered proof, delivering a robust and intense flavor experience.

Production: The production of E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon adheres to traditional bourbon-making techniques:

  1. Ingredients: Made from a mash bill containing primarily corn, along with rye and malted barley, E.H. Taylor is crafted from high-quality grains.

  2. Mashing: The grains are mashed and fermented to create a liquid known as "distiller's beer."

  3. Distillation: The distiller's beer is distilled in copper pot stills to create a high-proof spirit.

  4. Aging: The bourbon is aged in new, charred oak barrels for an extended period, typically between 8 to 12 years. This lengthy maturation allows it to develop complex flavors.

  5. Barrel Proof Bottling: Unlike many bourbons, E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof is bottled directly from the barrel without dilution, resulting in a high-proof whiskey.

Tasting Notes: E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon offers a bold and intense tasting experience:

  • Appearance: Deep amber with a rich, viscous texture.

  • Aroma: The nose is greeted with a powerful bouquet of caramel, vanilla, and oak. Subtle hints of dark fruits, toffee, and baking spices emerge.

  • Palate: On the palate, this bourbon showcases a full-bodied and rich character. Flavors of dark chocolate, charred oak, and toasted nuts are complemented by notes of honey, cinnamon, and black pepper. The high alcohol content adds a warming intensity.

  • Finish: The finish is exceptionally long and robust, with lingering notes of spice, leather, and a delightful sweetness.

Packaging: E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon typically comes in a classic bottle with a vintage-inspired label featuring Colonel Taylor's image.

Serving: Given its high proof, E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon is often enjoyed with a splash of water to release its full flavor potential. It can also be used in classic bourbon cocktails for a bold and robust twist.

Conclusion: E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon is a true powerhouse of flavor and strength. It's a favorite among enthusiasts who appreciate unadulterated, cask-strength bourbon. Each batch offers a unique experience, making it a sought-after and collectible whiskey. Visit Third Base Market & Spirits to explore the world of E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon and savor its intense, uncut character.

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Customer Reviews

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One of my favorites

The EHTBP is one of my favorite BP bourbons out there, sad it is so hard to find these days. Will hopefully be able to get one next time!

Jimmy Stegall
Great experience!

Been looking for this bottle for a while - pricing was fair, ordering and payment system easiest ever. Love the shipping and tracking app too.