Cyrus Noble Small Batch Bourbon

Cyrus Noble Small Batch Bourbon at Third Base Market & Spirits

Third Base Market & Spirits is proud to present a distinctive American classic in our premium portfolio: Cyrus Noble Small Batch Bourbon. This intriguing expression hails from one of America’s storied distilleries and embodies the time-honored traditions of bourbon craftsmanship. With its small-batch nature and focus on quality over quantity, this bourbon captivates both the palate and the imagination.

Product Details:

  • Name: Cyrus Noble Small Batch Bourbon
  • Type: American Bourbon Whiskey
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Region: Kentucky, USA
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 45%

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance:
The bourbon pours into the glass with a radiant, deep amber color, lending an initial sense of the richness that lies within. The legs are slow to fall, indicating a full-bodied spirit of great depth and viscosity.

Nose (Aroma):
The first inhalation reveals a nuanced and intricate bouquet. Aromas of vanilla and caramel are pronounced, giving way to undertones of dried fruit and warm spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Hints of charred oak and leather are in perfect balance, adding another layer to the aromatic profile.

Palate (Taste):
On the palate, this bourbon offers an elegant complexity. The initial sweetness of caramel and honey is quickly met with a slight rye spiciness and notes of toasted grain. As these flavors meld, nuances of dark cherry, chocolate, and tobacco become more prominent, delivering a multidimensional tasting experience.

Cyrus Noble does not disappoint in its finish, which is impressively long and multifaceted. Spiced oak and smoky undertones persist, while a touch of dark chocolate lends a slightly bitter but enjoyable counterbalance. The finish leaves the mouth tingling slightly, with a lingering warmth that invites another sip.

The texture is sumptuously creamy, coating the palate in a manner that allows each nuance to shine individually and as part of a well-orchestrated whole.

Third Base Market & Spirits Perspective:

Cyrus Noble Small Batch Bourbon is a versatile, approachable bourbon that fits remarkably well into both sipping and cocktail scenarios. Its age of 5 years gives it enough maturity to develop a rounded and complex flavor profile without overwhelming tannic bitterness. A must-have for both seasoned bourbon enthusiasts and newcomers looking to explore premium American whiskies.

While Cyrus Noble maintains a small-batch production ethos, we strive to keep this exceptional bourbon well-stocked. However, due to its growing popularity and limited releases, availability may vary. It remains a compelling option for those looking to deepen their understanding of high-quality bourbon.

In summary, Cyrus Noble Small Batch Bourbon is a splendid, well-crafted American spirit that encapsulates the legacy and innovation intrinsic to premium bourbon making. Its harmonious balance between sweetness, spiciness, and depth makes it a welcome addition to any discerning drinker’s collection and a highlight of Third Base Market & Spirits’ carefully curated offerings.

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