Cenote Anejo

Cenote Añejo Tequila is a sublime expression of Mexican heritage, specifically crafted to appeal to the discerning palate. Produced in the Yucatan Peninsula, an area rich in limestone, the water used in the distillation process undergoes natural filtration, which contributes to the tequila's extraordinary purity and complex flavor profile. With its rich age statement and detailed craftsmanship, Cenote Añejo is a tequila that transcends casual sipping. You can find this exceptional spirit at Third Base Market & Spirits, where quality meets passion.

Product Details:

  • Name: Cenote Añejo Tequila
  • Type: Añejo Tequila
  • Age: 1 Year (Aged in American Oak Barrels)
  • Region: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 40%

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance:
The tequila displays a luscious amber hue, reflecting its time spent in American Oak barrels, which adds a rich visual appeal to the overall tasting experience.

Nose (Aroma):
On the nose, you're greeted with a complex bouquet of dried fruits and spices, featuring aromas of dried apricot, candied orange peel, and a medley of cinnamon and clove. A subtle undertone of vanilla and caramel adds a layer of sophistication.

Palate (Taste):
Upon sipping, the immediate sensation is one of smoothness. Cenote Añejo unfolds a palate filled with notes of toasted almonds, ripe figs, and a touch of butterscotch. The oak aging imparts a smoky richness that balances well with the inherent sweetness of the agave, producing a well-rounded flavor profile.

The finish is long, warm, and satisfying, characterized by lingering notes of sweet tobacco and dark chocolate, leaving a velvety texture on the palate.

The tequila boasts a full-bodied mouthfeel, rendering each sip a luxurious experience.

Third Base Market & Spirits Perspective:

Cenote Añejo Tequila is a stellar example of how meticulous aging and superior craftsmanship can elevate a spirit to a form of art. It's a top-shelf selection that warrants a slow, appreciative sip, ideally neat or with a single ice cube to unlock its full array of flavors.

Pairing Suggestions:
This Añejo is versatile enough to be paired with a variety of foods, but it particularly shines when accompanied by grilled meats, spicy Mexican dishes, or even rich desserts like chocolate fondue.

As with all high-quality, aged spirits, Cenote Añejo is a limited offering. We are thrilled to feature it at Third Base Market & Spirits and encourage you to pick up a bottle while supplies last.

Whether you are a tequila aficionado or simply someone who appreciates a high-quality spirit, Cenote Añejo offers an unforgettable drinking experience. Visit us at Third Base Market & Spirits to secure a bottle of this exceptional tequila and explore the heights of what this classic Mexican spirit can achieve.

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