Beluga Gold Vodka

Beluga Gold Vodka

Product Details:

  • Name: Beluga Gold Vodka
  • Type: Vodka
  • Age: N/A (Vodka is typically unaged)
  • Region: Russia
  • Alcohol by Volume: 40% ABV

Overview: Beluga Gold Vodka is a prestigious Russian vodka renowned for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Made in the heart of Siberia, this vodka is celebrated for its pure ingredients, meticulous production process, and luxurious taste. This technical description provides insights into its production and tasting profile.


  1. Ingredients: Beluga Gold Vodka is made from high-quality, carefully selected ingredients. The base spirit is crafted from natural grain, and the water used in production is drawn from Siberian artesian wells known for their purity.

  2. Fermentation: The selected grains are fermented to create a mash that serves as the foundation for distillation.

  3. Distillation: Beluga Gold Vodka undergoes a precise and delicate distillation process. The spirit is distilled multiple times to achieve the desired level of purity and clarity. It is distilled from malted barley, which contributes to its unique character.

  4. Filtration: The vodka is filtered through a triple system, including quartz sand, activated carbon, and a special silver filter. This extensive filtration process ensures the removal of any impurities and results in an exceptionally smooth spirit.

  5. Resting: After distillation and filtration, Beluga Gold Vodka is allowed to rest for a period of time, further enhancing its smoothness and overall flavor profile.

Tasting Notes: Beluga Gold Vodka offers a luxurious and refined tasting experience:

  • Appearance: Crystal clear and brilliantly transparent.

  • Aroma: The nose presents an inviting bouquet with hints of fresh bread, malt, and a subtle sweetness.

  • Palate: On the palate, Beluga Gold Vodka is exceptionally smooth and creamy. It delivers a velvety texture with notes of vanilla, honey, and a gentle wheat character. The mouthfeel is luxurious, and the taste is rich and elegant.

  • Finish: The finish is long, warming, and utterly satisfying. It leaves a subtle, sweet aftertaste with no harshness.

Packaging: Beluga Gold Vodka is presented in an elegant and distinctive bottle, adorned with a metal label and seal. The packaging reflects the vodka's premium status and commitment to quality.

Serving: Beluga Gold Vodka is perfect for sipping neat or over ice, allowing you to fully appreciate its complex and harmonious flavor profile. It also excels in classic vodka cocktails, where its smoothness enhances the overall drinking experience.

Conclusion: Beluga Gold Vodka, available through Third Base Market & Spirits, is the epitome of Russian vodka excellence. With its meticulous craftsmanship, use of the finest ingredients, and luxurious taste, it stands as a symbol of quality in the world of spirits. Beluga Gold Vodka's exceptionally smooth palate, rich flavor profile, and elegant finish make it a preferred choice for connoisseurs and those seeking the pinnacle of vodka enjoyment. Whether enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or in cocktails, Beluga Gold Vodka embodies the spirit of Russian vodka-making tradition and represents the finest in vodka craftsmanship.

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Paul Grobelny

Best tasting vodka. Ever

Andrea Milano

Hands down the Best Vodka you will ever taste

sheri bittel
Beluga Gold!

More like gold service! Couldn’t say enough about what a great experience it’s been ordering from you.
Fast shipping, tracking updates, and packed to perfection. I will be ordering more!!!!!