Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask

Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask Single Malt Scotch

Product Details:

  • Name: Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask Single Malt Scotch
  • Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Age: 14 years
  • Region: Speyside, Scotland
  • Alcohol by Volume: 43% ABV

Overview: Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask is a unique and enticing single malt Scotch whisky hailing from the prestigious Speyside region of Scotland. What sets this expression apart is its distinctive aging process, where the whisky undergoes a second maturation in Caribbean rum casks, infusing it with rich, tropical flavors.

Production: Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask is crafted through a meticulous production process:

  1. Initial Maturation: The whisky is aged for 14 years in traditional oak whisky casks. During this time, it develops its foundational character and complexity.

  2. Second Maturation: After the initial aging, the whisky is transferred to Caribbean rum casks, specifically those that previously held fine Caribbean rum. This secondary aging period allows the whisky to absorb the sweet and exotic flavors of the rum-soaked wood.

Tasting Notes: Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask offers a captivating and well-balanced flavor profile:

  • Appearance: This Scotch whisky displays a deep gold color, reminiscent of its Caribbean influence.

  • Aroma: On the nose, you'll discover a delightful blend of tropical fruits, with notes of banana, mango, and citrus. There are also hints of toffee, vanilla, and oak, creating a harmonious bouquet.

  • Palate: The palate is a symphony of flavors. Sweet and fruity notes dominate, with flavors of caramelized sugar, tropical fruits, and a touch of spice. The rum cask influence is evident in the form of molasses and dried fruits.

  • Finish: Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask leaves you with a warm and lingering finish. The sweetness of the rum cask shines through, along with a subtle oakiness.

Packaging: Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask is presented in an elegant bottle with the Balvenie label, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The packaging complements the whisky's unique character.

Serving: Enjoy this whisky neat or with a few drops of water to fully savor its tropical fruit notes. It also makes an excellent base for cocktails, such as a Caribbean-inspired Old Fashioned.

Conclusion: Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask is a testament to innovation and creativity within the world of Scotch whisky. Its fusion of Speyside tradition and Caribbean flair results in a whisky that's both sophisticated and exotic. With its captivating aromas, rich palate, and long-lasting finish, it's a whisky that transports you to sun-soaked islands with each sip. Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask is available at Third Base Market & Spirits, offering you the chance to experience the best of both worlds in a single malt Scotch whisky.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Robert Olthoff
Very Smooth

This is one of my favorite expressions smooth but still a little smoke and peet the perfect after a long day sipper

Gary Schenkel
Long time Favorite

Been drinking Single malt Scotch for 10+ years and Balvenie Caribbean cask is a favorite.

Not as sweet as the aging might suggest

Very approachable and enjoyable sipper suited to almost any whisky drinker. A classic for good reason. Nice combination of sweeter fruitier notes along with gentle smoke, nuts, caramel, and toast. It's fun to drink good scotch.

Jo sch
Great bottle love it

This scotch is phenomenal. The taste is very smooth, I enjoyed a glass of this recently and was extremely impressed. I would certainly recommend it. order went smooth arrived on time and in perfect order… I will definitely be ordering again


This whisky is great. I will order this again.