Aberfeldy 12 Year

Aberfeldy 12 Year is a single malt scotch whisky aged for 12 years in oak barrels. Its complex flavor profile includes notes of honey and vanilla, a delicate balance of heather and spice, and a long, lingering finish. An expertly crafted whisky sure to please the most discerning palates.

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Sid Hardwicke
Big Value, Bigger Taste

Aberfeldy 12 yr. Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky: Hints of Oak and Sherry. Smooth when I drink it neat but literally a teaspoon of good water or small ice cube will open it up and give you a surprise mouthful of goodness from a dram that is priced at a real value from Third Base. Pairs nicely with a quality cigar. Recommend the Aberfeldy 12 and Third Base. Drink responsibly.

So smooth...really folks....so smooth, not like that stuff south of Galloway and the Borders

The spirit is so subtle, even we Americans can drink without bruising with ice/ water.

Tom B
Easily the most chocolate-y whisky I've tried so far

Nice base of caramel and other oaky notes with a clear velvety chocolate fudge note up top on the palate. Very pleasant and drinkable and not a novelty whisky by any means--it just captures that dark barley note and carries it high. Big hit with all types of drinker at our house when people come over. Definite repeat bottle.