5 Sentidos Espadin Tobaziche

5 Sentidos Espadin Tobaziche Mezcal

Product Details:

  • Name: 5 Sentidos Espadin Tobaziche Mezcal
  • Type: Mezcal
  • Age: Joven (Young, Unaged)
  • Region: Puebla, Mexico
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 47.8%

Expert Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Unveiling the essence of Mexico’s rich terroir and age-old distillation techniques, the 5 Sentidos Espadin Tobaziche Mezcal is a liquid testament to artisanship and authenticity. Crafted with utmost precision in Puebla—one of the less-traveled regions in the world of mezcal—this exceptional spirit uses a blend of Espadin and Tobaziche agave varietals. It’s a rare, joven mezcal, with no aging to hide behind, meaning its flavors are true expressions of its origins.


An ethereal bouquet graces the nose upon first encounter. A symphony of earthy clay and vegetal agave are at the forefront, mingling harmoniously with faint whispers of citrus zest and an underpinning of fresh minerality, reminiscent of wet stone after a tropical rain.


The initial sip unfolds the complexities encapsulated in this spirit. A multi-layered flavor profile begins with a rich sweetness, undoubtedly attributed to the Espadin agave, subsequently balanced by the subtle, tart elements characteristic of Tobaziche. An array of spices—chief among them, black pepper and cinnamon—dance across the palate, adding depth and complexity to the spirit.


The finish is nothing short of a masterstroke—a prolonged, smoky denouement with the exquisite dryness of dark cocoa and a spiced nutmeg touch, lingering like a distant echo. The complexity is underlined by a serene heat that reassures the drinker of the mezcal's authentic heritage.

Suggested Pairings:

As a versatile spirit, 5 Sentidos Espadin Tobaziche Mezcal pairs wonderfully with rich, spicy foods, elevating a traditional mole poblano or even a complex ceviche. When considering cocktail compositions, this mezcal serves as an unimpeachable base for intricate recipes like the Oaxacan Old Fashioned or can be simply enjoyed neat to savor its myriad nuances.

The Third Base Market & Spirits Endorsement:

5 Sentidos Espadin Tobaziche Mezcal earns its spotlight as one of the treasures within the curated selection at Third Base Market & Spirits. For the mezcal enthusiast or anyone keen to expand their spirituous horizons, this bottle presents an exceptional foray into the heart and soul of traditional Mexican mezcal production.

The 5 Sentidos Espadin Tobaziche is not just another mezcal; it’s a journey across time, cultures, and flavors. Join us at Third Base Market & Spirits, where we strive to provide you with unforgettable imbibing experiences. Discover this mezcal, and let it awaken all your five senses.

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