Uncle Nearest 1856 Whiskey

Uncle Nearest 1856 Whiskey at Third Base Market & Spirits

In the American whiskey landscape, certain names echo through the annals of history. Yet, it wasn't until recently that the world began to recognize the contributions of Nathan "Nearest" Green, a formerly enslaved African American man who taught Jack Daniel the art of distillation. Celebrating his legacy, we at Third Base Market & Spirits are honored to present Uncle Nearest 1856 Whiskey, a premium aged spirit that pays tribute to an unsung hero of whiskey craftsmanship.

Product Details:

  • Name: Uncle Nearest 1856 Whiskey
  • Type: Premium Aged Whiskey
  • Age: Blend of Aged Whiskeys, minimum of 7 years
  • Region: Tennessee, USA
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 50% (100 proof)

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance:
Holding a glass of Uncle Nearest 1856 is like staring into a well of amber and mahogany, offering a visual clue to its rich, well-aged character.

Nose (Aroma):
The olfactory profile of this whiskey is a tapestry of complexity. The immediate rush of caramel and ripe dark fruits is quickly followed by more subtle undertones of tobacco and oak. Wisps of leather and a touch of vanilla are complemented by a backdrop of gentle spices, making the nosing experience as intricate as it is inviting.

Palate (Taste):
Uncle Nearest 1856 showcases a masterful blend of age and proof. It boasts an oily, medium-to-full bodied mouthfeel that wraps the tongue in flavors of brown sugar, toasted oak, and cinnamon. The darker, more mature elements, like hints of leather and dark chocolate, bring depth and gravitas to the experience.

The finish is a long, slow descent into a warm embrace of nutmeg and clove, intertwined with a smattering of peppery notes. As it fades, it leaves a lingering trace of dried fruit and wood, provoking thoughtful contemplation and an urge for another sip.

With its 50% ABV, Uncle Nearest 1856 manages to balance power and finesse. It offers a substantial feel without a fiery bite, allowing the palate to fully engage with the cascade of flavors.

Third Base Market & Spirits Perspective:

Uncle Nearest 1856 Whiskey not only tells a tale of deep-rooted American history but also stands as a liquid testament to masterful whiskey crafting. This high-proof blend of aged whiskeys is carefully curated to offer a medley of flavors that is as intricate as it is harmonious.

As a trusted destination for quality spirits, Third Base Market & Spirits is proud to offer this remarkable whiskey. For aficionados and newcomers alike, Uncle Nearest 1856 serves as both a lesson in American history and a standard in premium whiskey production.

In closing, Uncle Nearest 1856 Whiskey is more than just a spirit; it's a tribute to legacy, a celebration of craftsmanship, and an embodiment of American history. For those in pursuit of a meaningful and superb drinking experience, look no further than our curated selection at Third Base Market & Spirits.

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Customer Reviews

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Tom B
Wonderful sweet, complex bourbon

A lovely birthday gift from my bride, and worth repeats when I see it. It's big molasses up top, with some nutmeg and clove type spicy notes knocking around. Maybe some charcoal. Creamy medium body with big caramel molasses out front, followed by more of those spices. Long spicy finish. Really a nice one, a very interesting sipper.