Hibiki Harmony Whisky

Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky

Product Details

  • Name: Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky
  • Type: Blended Japanese Whisky
  • Age: NAS (No Age Statement)
  • Region: Various Distilleries, Japan
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 43%

Product Description

Third Base Market & Spirits is pleased to feature the Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky, a symphony of select malt and grain whiskies from the House of Suntory. Meticulously crafted using whiskies from the Yamazaki, Hakushu, and Chita distilleries, Hibiki Harmony strikes an impeccable balance, living up to its name. With no age statement, this whisky offers a remarkable versatility, suitable for both the whisky novice and the seasoned connoisseur. The blend reflects the nuances of the diverse natural landscapes of Japan, offering an ABV of 43%.

Tasting Notes

The whisky presents itself with a honeyed amber color, glowing softly in the glass like the late afternoon sun. Its visual allure entices further exploration.

On the nose, Hibiki Harmony unfolds a rich tapestry of fragrances, displaying pronounced floral elements accompanied by a chorus of honey, orange, and a whisper of smoke. The aromas dance elegantly, suggestive of the complexities within.

Your first sip is a harmonious blend of flavors. Fruits like apricot and apple make a bright introduction, followed by mid-notes of oak, caramel, and a touch of cocoa. A mild spiciness flirts on the edges, lending complexity to an otherwise smooth palate.

The finish is long and echoing, as you would expect from a whisky of this caliber. It's a sweet, delicate conclusion with a fading note of vanilla and a quiet resonance of Mizunara oak.

Pairing Suggestions

Hibiki Harmony’s broad spectrum of flavors and aromas make it incredibly versatile for pairings. It can be enjoyed with a range of cuisine from sushi to steak and is equally exceptional when sipped neat, on the rocks, or as a sophisticated cocktail base.

For those who appreciate the refined qualities of a well-balanced blend, Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky offers an opulent and varied tasting journey. Now available at Third Base Market & Spirits, this exquisite blend is a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry that defines Japanese whisky.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Smooth combination

Hibiki is known for the creation a very unique blend brining a unique experience in a smooth yet full flavor whiskey. Great balance.

Hibiki Suntory

I have been a loyal fan for quite some time, it is just the perfect combination of smooth and still bold drink somewhere between a scotch and bourbon.

Darryl Taylor
Hibiki Harmony

I usually drink Scotch or Bourbon neat. tried the Hibiki about 3 years ago and has been a fav since. Use to buy at my local liquor store for 60.00. As it has increased in popularity, price is now 90.00 at local store but it always sold out.

Subtle but nuanced. Excellent neat.

It’s great

Excellent Japanese whiskey. Made in a different style than traditional American bourbon/whiskeys. More like a scotch, but falls somewhere in between.

A Nice one!

Sweet, with a nice little bite to it! Goes down with quite a bit of complexity in the finish.