Balvenie 12 Year DoubleWood

Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood Single Malt Scotch

Product Details:

  • Name: Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood Single Malt Scotch
  • Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Age: 12 years
  • Region: Speyside, Scotland
  • Alcohol by Volume: 40% ABV

Overview: Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood is a classic and well-loved single malt Scotch whisky from the Speyside region of Scotland. This expression is renowned for its unique aging process, where it is matured in two distinct types of oak casks, contributing to its complex flavor profile.

Production: Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood undergoes a carefully controlled maturation process:

  1. Initial Aging: The whisky begins its aging journey in traditional oak whisky casks, where it develops its initial character over 12 years.

  2. Second Maturation: After this initial aging, the whisky is transferred to European oak Oloroso sherry casks. This secondary aging allows the whisky to acquire additional flavors and aromas from the sherry wood.

Tasting Notes: Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood offers a rich and nuanced flavor profile:

  • Appearance: This Scotch has a warm amber color with a golden hue, reflecting its time in both oak and sherry casks.

  • Aroma: On the nose, you'll find a delightful combination of sweet fruit notes, including raisins, apples, and figs, along with honey, vanilla, and subtle hints of oak.

  • Palate: The palate is characterized by a smooth and velvety texture. Flavors of toffee, dried fruits, and sweet spices dominate, while oak and sherry notes complement each other beautifully.

  • Finish: The finish is long and warming, with a gentle spice kick and a lingering sweetness. It leaves a memorable impression of honeyed oak.

Packaging: Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood is presented in a classic bottle with the iconic Balvenie label. The packaging reflects the tradition and craftsmanship associated with this renowned distillery.

Serving: This whisky can be enjoyed neat or with a splash of water to open up its flavors. It's also an excellent choice for classic Scotch cocktails like the Old Fashioned or Rob Roy.

Conclusion: Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood is a testament to the artistry of Scotch whisky production. Its dual maturation in oak and sherry casks results in a harmonious and well-balanced dram. With its inviting aromas, complex palate, and smooth finish, it's no wonder that this Speyside gem is a favorite among whisky enthusiasts. Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood is available at Third Base Market & Spirits, allowing you to experience the best of Scottish craftsmanship in a single malt Scotch whisky.

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It was excellent

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2nd Scotch order - no problems

no issues with contents. good prices. delivery was prompt, but delivery instructions were not followed exactly

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Smooth and delicious

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Excellent. Best taste and quality for the money.