Kaiyo The Single 7 Year Whisky

Kaiyo The Single 7 Year Japanese Whisky at Third Base Market & Spirits

Third Base Market & Spirits is thrilled to showcase an elusive gem in the world of Japanese whisky—Kaiyo The Single 7 Year. This whisky takes an extraordinary journey, aging both on land and at sea, to offer a tasting experience that encapsulates the meticulous craftsmanship of Japanese distillers.

Product Details:

  • Name: Kaiyo The Single 7 Year Japanese Whisky
  • Type: Single Malt Japanese Whisky
  • Age: 7 Years
  • Region: Japan
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 53%

Tasting Notes and Technical Description:

Visual Appearance:
A beautiful deep amber color with glints of ruby highlights the visual appeal of this whisky. The viscosity and leg formation on the glass indicate a richness, aligning with its higher-than-average alcohol content.

Nose (Aroma):
The aroma is a fragrant bouquet of orchard fruits—peach, apple, and a hint of cherry—offset by a layer of delicate spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. A subtle seaweed undertone, reminiscent of its maritime journey, completes the olfactory experience.

Palate (Taste):
On the palate, Kaiyo The Single 7 Year is an eloquent narrative of flavors, starting with notes of dried fruits and toffee. Oak and vanilla flavors come forth, attributed to its aging in Mizunara oak casks. A distinct salinity mid-palate is indicative of its sea voyage, which integrates and intensifies the diverse flavor compounds.

The finish is long and evolving. Starting off with spice and oak, it gently eases into a more tropical profile with notes of coconut and banana, finally ending with a nuanced maritime aftertaste.

Despite its robust ABV of 53%, the whisky is surprisingly smooth with a silky texture, owing in part to the meticulous distillation and aging processes.

Third Base Market & Spirits Perspective:

Kaiyo The Single 7 Year presents a multifaceted tasting profile that resonates well with whisky enthusiasts looking for something out of the ordinary. The intricate dance between land-based aging and ocean maturation has resulted in a whisky of unique personality and complexity.

Owing to its unique aging process and limited releases, Kaiyo The Single 7 Year is not abundantly available. We recommend procuring a bottle posthaste to enjoy this marine-influenced, complex Japanese whisky.

In summary, Kaiyo The Single 7 Year Japanese Whisky is a spirit that embarks on a fascinating journey to deliver a rich, flavorful experience. Whether it's the sea voyage that intrigues you or the multi-layered aroma and taste, this whisky offers something for every discerning palate. Third Base Market & Spirits is privileged to offer this exquisite whisky to its clientele, and we anticipate it captivating your senses just as it has ours.

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