Glenlivet 12 Year

Glenlivet 12 Year Single Malt Scotch

Product Details:

  • Name: Glenlivet 12 Year Single Malt Scotch
  • Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Age: 12 years
  • Region: Speyside, Scotland
  • Alcohol by Volume: Typically around 40% ABV (80 proof)

Overview: Glenlivet 12 Year Single Malt Scotch is a revered whisky known for its smoothness, approachability, and the signature character of Speyside Scotch. This technical description provides insights into the key characteristics and production process behind Glenlivet 12 Year, offering a glimpse into the world of Scottish single malt whisky.

Ingredients and Production: Glenlivet 12 Year is crafted using time-honored traditions and the finest natural ingredients, including:

  1. Malted Barley: The whisky is distilled from 100% malted barley, which contributes to its rich and malty character.

  2. Water: The distillery draws water from natural springs in the nearby Josie's Well, known for its pure and soft water, ideal for whisky production.

  3. Yeast: Glenlivet uses a specific strain of yeast to ferment the mash, which plays a crucial role in developing the whisky's flavor profile.

  4. Distillation: The whisky is distilled in copper pot stills, a traditional method that allows for precise control over the distillation process.

  5. Aging: Glenlivet 12 Year is aged in a combination of American oak and European oak casks, which impart distinct flavors and character to the whisky.

Tasting Notes: Glenlivet 12 Year Single Malt Scotch offers a well-balanced and inviting tasting experience, characterized by its fruity and floral notes. Tasting notes may include:

  • Appearance: The whisky typically showcases a pale gold or light amber color, reflecting its 12 years of maturation.

  • Aroma: On the nose, you'll encounter delicate floral aromas intertwined with hints of ripe orchard fruits, such as apples and pears. There may also be subtle notes of citrus and a touch of vanilla.

  • Palate: The palate is smooth and medium-bodied, featuring flavors of sweet malted barley, honey, and tropical fruits, with a gentle spiciness that adds complexity. The oak influence is present but not overpowering, contributing to the whisky's overall balance.

  • Finish: The finish is clean and refreshing, leaving a lingering sweetness and a touch of oak spice. It's a satisfying conclusion to a harmonious whisky experience.

Packaging: Glenlivet 12 Year is typically presented in an elegant bottle, often adorned with the distillery's distinctive logo and branding. The packaging reflects the whisky's classic and timeless appeal.

Serving: This whisky is versatile and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a base for various Scotch whisky cocktails. Its approachable and well-rounded character makes it a favorite choice for both novice and experienced whisky enthusiasts.

Conclusion: Glenlivet 12 Year Single Malt Scotch, available through Third Base Market & Spirits, embodies the essence of Speyside whisky-making traditions. With its inviting fruity and floral notes, smooth palate, and moderate aging, it offers a delightful introduction to the world of single malt Scotch. Whether sipped slowly to savor its nuances or used as a foundation for classic whisky cocktails, Glenlivet 12 Year remains a beloved and respected whisky choice, celebrated for its accessibility and enduring quality.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ilya Mazus

A smooth purchase and a fast delivery.

Tom B
Lovely but a little too polite for sustained interest

This is a nice, light, approachable scotch that's easy to enjoy. Toasty grain and vanilla on the nose, and those notes lead the palate as well. There's a bit of honey and some toasty oak alongside them in the flavor. Mild finish. This whiskey is like a person who always makes you smile but never makes enough of an impression on you that you actually remember their name. Always a pleasant experience, and always welcome on my bar, but not deeply memorable.

A. S.
Glenlivet 12 Year

Very good Whisky, and with affordable price it was a stealer . I would like to reorder but unfortunately the price vent up . Thank you for the safe shipment !

Jeffrey Spires
Great Service

Everything was perfect--easy to order online, frequent updates, timely delivery. My only complaint was with the packaging--every bottle was VERY protected (and of course that's what you want), but all the styrofoam used isn't exactly environmentally friendly

Murray Rosenbaum

One bottled came broken. Customer service promptly addressed the problem and gave me a choice of reshipment or refund. all in all, very satisfied.